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Where is proof of 31k+FB Likes?

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Where is proof of 31k+FB Likes? Empty
PostSubject: Where is proof of 31k+FB Likes? Where is proof of 31k+FB Likes? EmptySat Jun 01, 2019 8:01 pm

Q: You claimed that you used to have over 31k+ fb likes, but there is no evidence anywhere to backup that claim.

A: back when the forum first started as an only rtcw clan forum we had less than 100 likes due the simplicity of it only being an rtcw clan forum, but the peak of the likes was when fresh evidence and eye witnesses of what occurred when I told everyone about a dragon I had a dream of, then for a similar dragon to come out in a video game a few years later in 2008 in TLoS:DoTD , then the clan site re-themed to TLoS:DoTD in 2008 renaming the link to " " , which was when the site reached that many likes.. then the evidence of said dream erased with xfire in 2012-2013 ish, and the forums were deleted and re-made in 9/9/2013 due to my church bishop telling me to delete it. . . wiping all the  members along with the reason why we don't have as many now is due to a re-creation and a recent re-theme in  5/9/2018 changing the link to, so I stopped trusting the simple like button and started encouraging everyone to start liking the facebook page instead , which already has regained 2k+ fb likes ( , so in total we actually have almost 35k+ fb likes and counting, but you have to dig for the 31k+ just because they were given so far back in the past.

Q: Why don't you use it anymore?
A: I'v had someone shown me evidence of how easily it could have been faked, the facebook page widget where the likes are actually connected to a facebook page, rather than a link, seems to be more trustworthy.

Q: if the fb likes could have been easily faked , how do we know your 31k is not fake.
A: At the current moment in time there is no way for me to know 100% , I have had relentless trolls in the past, so I can definitely see someone doing that just to troll, but we did have a pretty decent size member list and activity back then for me to say that they were not fake. but again there is no way to 100% prove it.

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Where is proof of 31k+FB Likes?
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