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Discord Roles

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Discord Roles Empty
PostSubject: Discord Roles Discord Roles EmptyTue Jun 18, 2019 4:22 pm

Here is the full list of discord roles a member can get promoted to by getting ranked here on the forums.

Joining Discord = Egg
Reading how to hatch = Hatchling
Discord Activity Rank 3 = Juvenile
Discord Activity Rank 4 = Adolescent
Discord Activity Rank 5 = Dragon
Sign up to forums = Dragon
Put clan tag on = Loyal Dragon

Forum Rank  =  Discord Rank
FireDragon = Royal Dragon
IceDragon = Ferocious Dragon
ElectricDragon = Imperial Dragon
EarthDragon = Infernal Dragon
ShadowDragon = Divine Dragon
WindDragon =  Ancient Dragon
FearDragon =  Ascendant Dragon
PoisonDragon = Celestial Dragon
All Elements = Eternal Dragon
Fury = Legendary Dragon

How to get promoted on the forums.

combat arms dragon b Rare Roles  red dragon
- Rtcw Dragon (PERM) = only mems who have been near the start in
RTCW or WolfET will bear this role.

- Noble Dragon (TEMP) = Member has helped out the community in some way shape or form.

- Nitro Dragon = Member has nitro boosted the server.

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Discord Roles
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