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A Known bug (working on it)

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A Known bug (working on it) Empty
PostSubject: A Known bug (working on it) A Known bug (working on it) EmptyThu Jun 27, 2019 5:34 pm

Currently there is a known bug with the music player . . .
when you visit pages on the forums , the music player makes you stuck on that page, you can navigate the forums but the address will be stuck on

There should be a separate link for each page you visit, if you are clicking on multipul things and the link stays the same, then you are experiencing the known bug, try refreshing and this should turn the music player off and therefor you should get the correct link that you are visiting instead of the /forum /portal links.

This also makes pages sometimes not want to load until you refresh, if you think we should get rid of the music player because of this feel free to imput your vote here.

There have also been reports that this bug is keeping mems from logging in, if you are having trouble logging in and know you are using the correct information , try refreshing at the login page before entering the information.

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A Known bug (working on it)
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