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My starter build

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My starter build Empty
PostSubject: My starter build My starter build EmptyFri Jun 28, 2019 9:14 pm

Not saying this is the best starter build ever, but this is the starter build I have used for thousands of games and did minor tweaks and twerks around.

- Drones till cap
- Spawning Pool when 200 minearls
- Gas soon as 25 minerals
- Drones till cap
- Overlord
- 1 drone soon as overlord pops out
- Soon as spawning pool is done there should be 3 larva if done right
- use all 3 larva for zerglings
- drones till 250 minerals
- soon as 250 minerals send 1 drone to expo and make hatch
- upgrade Zergling speed
- wait till enough resources for bang nest
- Continous zerglings till bangling nest is finished
- soon as bang nest is finished morph 6 bangs
- soon as you morph 6 bangling don't make any more zerglings but drones
- send banglings up ramp to bust up ramp and do as much dmg as possible
(Next tech tree goal in mind is Hydra/lurker)

usually while harassing with the zerglings and bangs im trying to get to lurkers as fast as possible.

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My starter build
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