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Topic called Everything Cynder?

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Topic called Everything Cynder? Empty
PostSubject: Topic called Everything Cynder? Topic called Everything Cynder? EmptyMon Jul 08, 2019 6:41 am

Q: Why did you delete a topic called , were you embarrassed by the content?

A: I'm well aware that an impersonator has gone to various 18+ websites and spammed the crap out of the topic link as if it claimed to own the character, the topic itself had nothing to do with owning the character, the topic was about how everything cynder will always be inaccurate to the dragon I had a dream of, the dragon that inspired the creation of "Dragon" back in 2001 on RTCW, which I have stated was very similar to cynder from DoTD for a very long time, which was the original reason the site re-themed to TLoS:DoTD in 2008, Which I still stand by the statements that were included in the deleted topic, the person spamming this link as if I've claimed I owned the character from Activision is either one relentless impersonator that's been at it since I re-themed to dotd in 2008 , a troll , or took this topic way out of context.

I do own the domain link I bought from godaddy for 10 bucks a year because it was available, but I have never made it the main link, this person deliberately changed the main link with the redirect link, I believe it was back when that topic existed, and the reason for its deletion was due to an entire forum reset, due to the recent re-theme.

Every single topic on this forum was deleted at the same time that one was deleted... not because I was trying to hide something, don't fall for troll.

Q: Why not re-create the topic then?
A: Good question, why don't I Just remember all 4,000+ posts and topics  I'v ever made since the re-creation of the forums in 9/9/2013, and re-create all of them as well!
Topic called Everything Cynder? Posts10
yea . . . no.

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Topic called Everything Cynder?
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