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Contest #7 - Cynder DoTD - Paper Only

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Contest #7 - Cynder DoTD - Paper Only Empty
PostSubject: Contest #7 - Cynder DoTD - Paper Only Contest #7 - Cynder DoTD - Paper Only EmptyMon Sep 09, 2019 3:57 pm

combat arms dragon b  Contest #7   The  Cynder DoTD The   Paper ONLY
Contest Ends = 10/10/2018

Back in 9/9/2013 the site that was inspired by a dream of a dragon Similar to Cynder from DoTD was deleted and made from scratch due to a discussion with my church bishop,  so this contest starting on 9/9/2019 will celebrate the re-creation date by contesting to draw the dragon that inspired the Dragon clan back in 2001 on RTCW ( Return To Castle Wolfenstein ) as Dragon, coincidentally most of the tlos series were released in october , which is my birthday month, being on the 12th... also...  Dragon turns 18 today!
Contest #7 - Cynder DoTD - Paper Only 28058811

Prize  The  List 1st Place
A. 10$ Steam GiftCard (steam)
B. 10k ZP (crossfire)
C. PC Minecraft Account (minecraft)

Prize  The List 2nd Place
A. 10$ Steam Giftcard 
B. 10k Zp (Crossfire)

Prize  The  List 3rd Place
A. Full Cyan 175 Wyvern Clone

Contest #7 - Cynder DoTD - Paper Only Unknow12

combat arms dragon g Requirements combat arms dragon g
TheGreen Must have at least a sketch of a Cynder contour from TLoS:DoTD (The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of The Dragon) from the head to neck (Minimum).
TheGreen Must draw somewhere on your entry your discord name and tag number (SpyroDragon#5858)
TheGreen 4 Participates are required for 1 winner to win the 1st place prize pool, if less than 4 the winning picture will still be showcased, but no reward.
TheGreen 6 Participates are required for 3 winners to win the 1st place 2nd place and 3rd place prize pool.

TheGreen Must be dated in mm/dd/yy format, drawn on the entry itself.

red dragon Rules red dragon
The Any submissions found to be stolen from someone elses work will get you a ban from all future contests, Don't do it!
The  You can submit 3 pictures this time, but they will only count as 1 participate.
The You cannot change any of the 3 pictures after you upload them, so make sure they count!

Combat Arms - Dragon Information  Combat Arms - Dragon 
Contest #7 - Cynder DoTD - Paper Only 3059608079  1 i.p address counts as 1 person towards the required participate number required for the prize, if you have siblings that want to participate they can but it will only count as +1.
Contest #7 - Cynder DoTD - Paper Only 3059608079  You can add scenery to the background
Contest #7 - Cynder DoTD - Paper Only 3059608079  This contest may be judged by the owner , instead of an end vote.
Contest #7 - Cynder DoTD - Paper Only 3059608079 Submit your contest entry by making a new topic in
" New Contests " or click here

Feel free to donate towards the next prize pool!

                               Spyro ▀█ █▀ Dragon
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Contest #7 - Cynder DoTD - Paper Only
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