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Topics tagged under 4 on Dragon Forum Testic11Topic: Contest #4 - Dragon
Spyro Dragon

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Search in: Finished Contests   Topics tagged under 4 on Dragon Forum EmptySubject: Contest #4 - Dragon    Topics tagged under 4 on Dragon Forum EmptyFri Jun 07, 2019 1:30 am
Contest #4 The Dragon The  Paper Sketch ONLY  The Ends 7/7/2019
Prize  The  List
A. Steam 10$ GiftCard
B. ARK:Survival Evovled Element Gatcha Clone lvl 20 pc official non legacy servers.
C. Crossfire 10k Zp

Topics tagged under 4 on Dragon Forum 20190512

Contest The Requirements
- Sketch can only contain 1 dragon.
- Sketch can only be via paper and must be uploaded via mobile phone or tablet
- Must include your Discord Name and TAG (SpyroDragon#5858)
- Sketch must be dated on or after 6/7/2019

Contest  The Rules
- Any picture found not to be yours will result in a ban from all future contests
- Any attempts at trying to cheat by adding digital brushes or pencils on an " Paper only " contest will result in a temp ban from future contests.

Contest  The  Info
- 1 i.p address counts as 1 person , if you have siblings that want to participate they can, but will only count as 1 person if they are on the same i.p as you.

- A winner will be decided, but not rewarded with the prize list if less than 3 people participate, and will go on to the next contest

- You can use your phones photo editor to change the lightning, and to add effects such as the Vignette effect or the black and white effect.

- You may crop the picture as well using the smartphones  or tablets crop option.

Contest  The FAQ
- You can add scenery to the background of your 1 dragon.

- Submit your contest entry by making a new topic in
" New Contests "
*** WINNER ***
Topics tagged under 4 on Dragon Forum 20190611
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