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All about Sparx ▀█▀ Dragon

Profile - Sparx ▀█▀ Dragon Crysta11
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Profile - Sparx ▀█▀ Dragon Achiev10
Achievement :
Registered when Elemental Ranks were in place. 2008-2019
Gained 10,000 Crystals
Bought DarkSpyro
Achievements :
Has Bought Electric Cynder
Has Bought Sexy Cynder
Bought an Item From The Shop
Bought a Private Journal
Masterd Fire
Used a Level Boost
Got Custom Background
Regular Profile Customization
Using the Dragon Tag
Advanced profile customization
Earned or Bought Dp
Submited a Review
Found Malefor Lurking The Forum
Threw a Grublin away to the Trash
No Violations
Member Since 2007
Sparx ▀█▀ Dragon
Sparx ▀█▀ Dragon
Rank: Eternal Ðragon
Eternal Ðragon
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